Thai Amex Card


Enjoy financial flexibility with your THAI American Express Platinum Credit Card. With benefits and privileges created specially to suit your needs, we’re sure that you’ll be able to make the most of your Card.

Royal Orchid Plus Gold

If you are currently a Royal Orchid Plus Silver Member or Royal Orchid Plus Member, you can enjoy a Fast Track to Royal Orchid Plus Gold for the first 12 months of your THAI American Express Platinum Credit Cardmembership when you earn 25,000 Qualifying Miles for paid travel in Royal First or Royal Silk Class or travel 20 international sectors. This is half of the usual mileage (or sectors) required to qualify for Gold Status.

50% discount

When you purchase a Royal First or Royal Silk class round trip ticket, you may redeem awards for your family using only half the miles normally required.

50% more bonus miles

Each trip you make on Royal First & Royal Silk class earns you 50% more Royal Orchid Plus miles. The Bonus miles will be rewarded on only departed fight operated by Thai Airway International from Bangkok.

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